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NetworkIT offers floor-to-cloud networking solutions for home and business. Using proven processes and procedures and 30-plus years of experience, NetworkIT can provide the best of everything for today’s connected world, including fully networked cabling, , VOIP   and more. We have your back with the personal attention that inspires confidence and peace of mind. For a quick repair or to discuss your cabling needs, NetworkIT is ready to help. 




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Networks are how people and technology communicate in a connected world. The Internet is a huge part of networking—a vast common infrastructure. But a network may also call for cabling, phone systems and video conferencing. How does it all come together? NetworkIT has smart solutions. 





Connecting with the future

“Structured cabling” grows with you to accommodate changes, additions and potential relocations. This flexible approach to cabling is essential for today’s computer networks and home automation. NetworkIT first learns about intended uses and priorities. Then we suggest options for each component, including cables, circuitry, connectors, routers, switches, racks, firewalls and backup solutions. Some clients want top of the line everything. Others look for reliable alternatives. We share advantages and costs of each component and work with you to find the best solutions. And unlike some other companies that outsource, our in-house team will do the design and cabling.

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The future is talking

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) uses the Internet instead of phone lines for voice communications. Compared to a traditional wired telephone system, the setup up and monthly costs offer savings and flexibility. You can scale up and down by simply adding and removing phones. Whether your needs are IP, analog or digital, we’ve got you covered. NetworkIT can help you compare the options, including VOIP, in-house PBX, and hosted PBX.



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CA LIC # 1023435